Donna Brown

Bio: I was born in Buffalo New York. Moved to California when I was eight. Traveled a bit through the United States. Chicago Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Los Vegas, Carson City, & Reno Navada, Utah, Kansas City, South. ..just to name a few.:○] Out side of the United States, I traveled the Canadian Highway four times..to & from Alaska, Traveled to Mexico to shop a few times and lived in Yokosuka Japan for a year. Raised my children in Alaska, and I now reside on earth in a world that's on fire. The only way that I have found to quench the flames is through my expression of poetry, photography, painting, etc... True serenity is finding peace in the midst of the storm. May God have mercy on us all... In Jesus Name, amen. To be continued...

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  1. Sorry about the way I wrote that “reply” to your comment. I meant that “We, as women,” had to get the petition signed, not you personally. So sorry. I changed the way I wrote it right away. OMG. It sounded as if I was telling you to sign it and I wasn’t…it was supposed to be a general thing. Again, sorry about that.

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