EVERY AMERICAN COMMUNITY IS AT RISK! The Drug Cartels and Their Democratic Party Friends Are Everywhere

Ccomment by Donna Brown, Bowles

I love how the left is so intolerant of the right because of their love for God, Country, our constitution, our dearly beloved President Trump, and of course our American values which includes our traditional family unit, everything moral, and truthful.

Americans cherish justice, fairness and ballance.
Yet, the left not, only embrace the cartels but, they act as though they have a special ability to love them and, that somehow makes them Superior to conservatives; however, we all know it’s done for monetary gain only.

The prostitution of our country makes it obvious, They are treasonous sellouts of America, American citizens and, their own souls, all because of their uncontrollable lust for money and power!

Below is an article by Dave Hodges that explains a small part of how deep, the deep state really is…

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, April 19, 2019 – 15:09.

America is a country that is being occupied by gangs and the politicians who support them. This article is merely a small cross-section of this development.  

I just interviewed, for a pre-recorded broadcast and interview with Marilyn Rupar. She detailed how illegal aliens are being recruited to such post-secondary institutions as Texas A&M, University of New Mexico and over a dozen others. They illegally give in-state tuition to illegal aliens and these same people are rushed through an advanced degree program, in diploma mill fashion, and the illegal aliens are leaving these institutions with undeserved advanced academic credentials. The diploma mill experience has been expanded to American citizens of Latino descent and again, advanced academic credentials are falsely bestowed upon beneficiaries of these illegal programs.

Subsequent to the diploma mill situation, the top of these people are recruited, just as happened with the Justice Democrats and Ocasio-Cortez and these people are groomed with these fake credentials to run for political office. As we have learned and Marilyn Rupar exposed, many are also pretending to be Republicans and they run for District Attorney, city council, county commissioner, etc. Local politics is beginning to see this phenomenon in greater number. Marilyn Rupa also exposed the fact that these people are fast-tracked to becoming judges and, we now why so many bad legal decisions are being made.
Many of these people who are recruited are gangsters. Many come from the Sinoloa drug cartel.

These people are everywhere and anywhere all at once. There is much more to this story which will be aired and run this Sunday on The Common Sense Show.


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