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Part 2 of my Barrack Obama theory –


When closely examined, some of the staff within the Obama administration, have extremely questionable credentials for any role in public service, considering their links to the Islamist ideology. Before I proceed, I want to make clear that it is important to read my last post (made about Obama’s Islamic- oreintated foreign policy), prior to reading this post. In any case, I will continue with my critique of Barrack Obama, with a more specific focus on the character of some of his staff…


2 thoughts on “Shared from WordPress

  1. Yes, I agree! We’re experiencing a media blackout just like Nazi Germany. The investigative journalist have either been fired or, jailed for “whistle blowing,” by our current regime.
    The news reporters, or so called, that are left is the Mouthpiece puppets of the elite Nazi controlled lame-stream media. Press’titutes!
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    I NEVER thought I’d live to see such times as these….SMH


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