Well, I’ve noticed a great shift in my friends  since the elections have started to heat up. I actually NEVER thought I’d live to see such times as these.
I’m a Trump supporter and that’s not too popular for some, but truth isn’t what people want to hear. They crucified Christ and burned Joan of Arc at the stake for it.

Some people like their ears tickled and they’re unwilling to move out of their comfort zones that monetary gain brings to intoxicate the minds of the weak or they’re just afraid that they will offend someone or be labeled a racist. They’re cowards and sheep going to the slaughter.

There’s no time left for superficial fence straddling. It’s either black or white,  evil or good, there’s no room for a  grey area of mediocrity anymore, that’s what put us in this most unfortunate situation we are facing today in America.

I’m talking about so called Christians and I’m beginning to believe that Mark Twain had it right when he said, “Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”

This is where the rubber meets the road.

People are showing their true colors and their understanding of what they perceive as “truth” and it’s frightening!

This is what separates the: men from the boys; the women from the girls; the “conservatives” from true patriots; the “intellectuals” from men with wisdom;  the brave from the cowards; the “Christians” from the spiritual; the truth from the lie; and the light from the darkness.

Make no mistake. This is a spiritual battle for your mind, body and soul.
This is a battle against you, your family and your country.

This is the beginning of the last and bloodiest battle EVER known to man!

The end is coming for Satan and his followers. The beginning is coming for the rest!

Choose this day whom you will serve. Your soul depends on it.




    1. Actually, you’re correct! America thinks she can s_ _t on her citizens and the entire world because of her greatness! Ha! She is the great whore of Babylon! Her pride cometh before a FALL!
      Because of her evil, I am forced to fight against her iniquities in order to protect myself. I stand against her EVIL!
      God will NOT be mocked!
      I will stand for truth regardless of the earthly consequences for she cannot take my soul!

      Avenge us God!


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