Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers Have Taken Over Eastern Oregon


Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers Have Taken Over Eastern Oregon

February 2, 2016
by Dave Hodges

Steve Quayle has written one of the most informative and timely books of this era entitled Empire Beneath the Ice-How the Nazis Won World War II. In the book, Steve makes the point that Nazis were never defeated, they simply transferred their centers of power. Nowhere is Steve’s book more telling than it is in Eastern Oregon where the Gestapo has moved in with all the heinous depravity befitting the Nazi Empire. 

                  Papers Please

The phrase, “papers please”, was the hallmark and poster child phrase of Nazi occupation in the World War II era.  In Oregon, the American version of the Gestapo, the Federal government occupation forces have set up its Gestapo practices on state owned and privately owned land in a wholly unconstitutional action. But since when did the Constitution deter this criminal administration from doing anything? In Eastern Oregon, near the site of the murder of Lavoy Finicum,  the public’s identity papers are being examined while under gunpoint. And of course, every rancher in the area is keenly aware that any kind of perceived resistance will be met with extreme prejudice.

In this Infowars interview, conducted by David Knight, a local rancher, who was forced to produce his papers under gunpoint, shares what it is like to have guns pointed in his face as he travels to and from his home to his property in rural Amerika.

In the video, this rancher was noticeably distraught and stressed out as it was obvious that he was afraid to criticize this criminal government for the murder of a fellow rancher. This rancher’s comments, caught on tape by David Knight, speaks to an even greater threat to Amerika, the fear of government reprisal.

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