Your Safe Room Will Not Protect You From Starvation and Civil War

Your Safe Room Will Not Protect You From Starvation and Civil War

03, Jan, 2016 by Dave Hodges

Most experts would agree that a well constructed panic room can greatly increase the chances for surviving a hurricane, tornado and a home invasion. However, there is no panic room, available to the general public that can be designed to protect one’s family from all threats.  What exactly is a panic room and how do they work?


Do you remember the the2002 hit movie “ PanicRoom” starring Jodie Foster? The movie  gave instant publicity to safe rooms, and a recent article in Simi Valley, CA., has validated the notion that world events and people’s pervasive feelings of being unsafe in the world has made this business an extreme growth industry. 

A safe room is a highly secure space inside a home designed to be discreet and to offer protection during a home invasion, terrorist attack or other life-threatening event. Most safe rooms include some type of communication system or closed-circuit television so those inside can contact the police.

A safe room, aka a panic room, can potentially protect afamily from threats such as a home invasion, a tornado, or a hurricane. There are many features to consider when constructing a safe room. Some of these considerations include bulletproof steel and/or concrete walls, ceilings, and floors. Inside of the safe room will be communications equipment to call the police. There also will be a steel door locked with a deadbolt which should be anchored to the foundation of the house in order to guard against easy entry by battering. 

I personally know of a retired military officer who has created a formidable and extreme panic room but has also fortified his house against armed intrusion. His panic room can comfortable accommodate six for up to one year. His state of the art room has a feature that is lacking in many of these rooms, the ability to provide proper sanitation for a lengthy period of time. His system is based upon gravity, thus making it largely EMP proof. He has also armed each corner of the house with a straight line turret, each of which houses an automated 50 caliber machine gun that can be controlled from the panic room, assuming that there is power. The weapons system is partnered with audio and video surveillance. He also has three commercially available drones that he can launch to conduct surveillance and intelligence gathering.

The Illusion of Invulnerability

There is no panic room that can ward off all potential threats. Bunker busting bombs, nuclear weapons, Hellfire missiles, etc., would overwhelm the defenses. Nearly all panic rooms can buy time and provide a temporary refuge. Eventually, we are forced to face the world we are living in, complete with all the ugly conditions that are present in the world.

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