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Last year, over half a million Americans were hurt by prescription drugs. And 100,000 of them died.

How did that happen? If some prescription drugs are that dangerous, how are they getting approved?

The answer is not simple. There are good people involved in the process. But the incentive in the system has become distorted.

Here’s how it happened…

The FDA now regulates $2.5 trillion worth of food, drugs and medical devices. That’s 25 percent of all U.S. consumer spending.

Plus, over the last two decades, America’s appetite for prescription drugs exploded. The FDA, struggling to keep up, needed to get drugs approved faster.

But the bureaucracy has grown so big that it’s not very efficient. So the FDA tried to shortcut the time for drug approval by getting the drug companies themselves to pay for the research.

In 1992, Congress passed the Prescription Drug User Fee Act to give the FDA more desperately needed funds. The law allows drug companies to pay the FDA to approve their drugs.

This funding is called “user fees,” which this year will equal nearly one-third – $920 million – of the FDA’s budget.

The fees make sense for the drug companies because delayed drug approval means millions in lost revenue. So, paying “user fees” to the FDA gets drugs approved fast. In fact, this funding boost has made the FDA the fastest drug approval agency in the world.

But that turned out to make a bad situation worse. Now you have government employees and supervisors very sensitive to what the drug companies think of them because they’re dependent on the companies for funding.

The FDA’s own scientists even admit to this. Scientists like David Graham. He’s played a key role in getting 12 drugs removed from the market, including Vioxx. Take a look at what he said after the FDA made Merck pull Vioxx from the market because of the risk of heart attacks:

“As currently configured, the FDA is not able to adequately protect the American public. It’s more interested in protecting the interests of industry. It views industry as its client, and the client is someone whose interest you represent. Unfortunately, that’s the way the FDA is currently structured.”

How does this affect you? Because as a result of this current structure, more than 20 approved drugs have been recalled since 1992.

Before the Prescription Drug User Fee Act – when the FDA received no funding from pharmaceutical companies – only eight drugs were withdrawn from the 1950s through 1992.

But withdrawn drugs are just scratching the surface. There are countless dangerous – even deadly – drugs that remain on the market. Drugs like statins and powerful NSAIDs. Not to mention recalls due to contamination and other manufacturing problems.

A few potentially deadly drugs that were approved for prescription include:

Avandia: 83,000 heart attacks, 304 deaths and thousands of reports to the FDA, and 10 separate studies say it increases the risk of heart attack by up to 80 percent… and it’s still being prescribed to thousands of diabetes patients.Baycol: This statin drug caused a rare but sometimes fatal muscle ailment. There were 31 reported deaths directly linked to it before Baycol was pulled from the market.Vioxx: Prescribed 105 million times … it killed 57,000 people before its maker finally stopped selling it.

That in no way means there aren’t life-saving drugs developed by responsible people that have helped millions of Americans. But one brand new study by the American Sociological Association found that 85 percent of new drugs cause more harm than good.9 And Celebrex, a pain reliever similar to Vioxx, has caused hundreds of heart attacks, but is still prescribed.

That can certainly make you wonder if we don’t need to slow down a little bit, and take a closer look at what drugs get approved, and how fast.

Whether that happens or not, there’s good news.

You Have the Power to Make Your Own Decisions

There are forces out there that aren’t working to your advantage. Despite the smart people doing hard work and all the helpful science, not everyone’s incentive is your health. But don’t worry. You have plenty of help, and you can make your own choices.

You’d never hear that from a big company because showing you how to keep yourself well isn’t half as profitable as treating symptoms with drugs. But there are natural remedies and preventatives that can keep you away from the pharmacy for good.

My 100%-Natural Plan:
9 Keys for Avoiding Chronic Illnesses
and the Dangerous Drugs That Treat Them…

1. Eat like our ancestors. Our ancestors ate what they could hunt and gather. And that was natural meats and eggs, veggies, unmodified fruits and nuts, and olives. They ate a lot raw natural food with fewer carbs – and no processed foods or food cooked with vegetable oils. As a result, their archaeological records show virtually no heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis or obesity.

2. Enjoy the food you were born to eat. I’m talking about fat. Eating fat does not make you fat and unhealthy. But eating the wrong kinds of fat will. Our bodies need fat to absorb vitamins. In fact, vitamins A, D, E, K, and CoQ10 can’t even be absorbed without fat. What’s more, when you deprive yourself of fat, you eat more carbs. And an excess of them can put you at risk of weight gain, heart problems, diabetes and stroke. The best fat sources are foods loaded with Omega-3s (such as walnuts, almonds, cod liver oil and wild-caught salmon). But stay away from bad fats, like processed foods and vegetable oils. And don’t even go near potato chips, cookies and salad dressing. They’re loaded with the very worst fats – trans fats.

3. Stay away from simple carbohydrates. Starchy, high-carb foods spike your blood sugar. And that triggers the release of insulin. Over time, this can put you at risk of insulin resistance. And when that happens, you’ll be on the fast track to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Always eat foods with a low glycemic index and glycemic load.

Six dangerous prescription drugs you should think twice before taking

Six dangerous prescription drugs you should think twice before taking

January 30, 2016
by Dave Hodges

Ethan A. Huff, staff writer for Natural News


(NaturalNews) Just because your doctor prescribes it does not necessarily mean it is safe for you to take. Many popular prescription drugs, it turns out, come with the potential for serious side effects, including everything from short-term nausea and headaches to chronic inflammatory myopathy and heart disease — or worse.

But this important information is often shrouded from public view, which intentionally perpetuates the myth that the benefits of FDA-approved drugs far outweigh any risks. So to give you a more solid understanding of the subject, here are six classes of prescription drugs you should definitely think twice about taking due to their inherent dangers:

1) Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Millions of Americans take PPIs to alleviate the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition marked by food and acid in the stomach leaking back into the esophagus and causing damage. But PPIs like Nexium (exomeprazole) and Prevacid (lansoprazole) have been shown to both block nutrient absorption and inhibit the production of necessary stomach acid, which can cause a host of other health problems. (http://well.blogs.nytimes.com)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued at least a dozen warnings about the dangers of PPIs, which include an increased risk of bacterial diarrhea, magnesium deficiency, and bone fractures (http://www.fda.gov).
Long-term consumption of PPIs has also been linked to increased risk of pneumonia and unhealthy weight gain.

2) Statins. The top-selling class of drugs for several years in a row, statins are hailed by the medical system as a type of miracle cure for high cholesterol and heart disease. But popular statin drugs like Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) and Crestor (rosuvastatin calcium) have been shown to greatly increase users’ risk of diabetes, liver disease, brain damage, muscle atrophy, and even early death. (http://www.drfranklipman.com)

The side effects of statins are so severe, in fact, that the FDA recently expanded its official warnings about their use (http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm293330.htm). Beyond this, more than a dozen studies have shown that taking statins for primary prevention does little, if anything, to prevent heart attack or stroke, which means the drug class is medically useless for the millions of otherwise healthy people who are prescribed it. (http://www.minnpost.com)

3) Antibiotics. The leading cause of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” antibiotics are another class of drugs that can cause long-term health problems without providing much, if any, benefit. Insanely overprescribed for conditions that often do not even respond to them, antibiotics and their long-term abuse by the medical system has made many infections more virulent and untreatable.

According to Shane Ellison, M.S., from The People’s Chemist, the three most dangerousantibiotics currently being prescribed are Levaquin (levofloxacin), Vancocin (vancomycin hydrochloride), and Bactrim (trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole). Ellison also lists quinolones, the most commonly prescribed class of antibiotics, as dangerous as well, noting that antibiotics like Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Avelox (moxifloxacin HCL), and Floxin (ofloxacin) can cause severe and permanent disability. (http://thepeopleschemist.com)

4) Antipsychotics. One of the deadliest drug classes, antipsychotics are commonly prescribed for conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe major depression, as well as for many “off-label” conditions such as mild mood disorder and everyday anxiety. But popular antipsychotic drugs like Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate), Abilify (aripiprazole), Risperdal (risperidone), and Zyprexa (olanzapine) have been shown to increase blood sugar levels, elevate lipid and cholesterol levels, and promote weight gain. (http://www.nytimes.com)

But even more concerning is the long-term neurological and brain damage that can result from taking antipsychotics, not to mention the greatly elevated risk of metabolic syndrome, which can include major health conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/11/121127190016.htm). Antipsychotics are so dangerous that a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) declared them to be more deadly than terrorism. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

5) Opioid pain relievers. Pharmaceutical drugs have officially been declared a leading cause of death in America today, and leading the way are opioid-based painkillers like Vicodin (hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen), OxyContin (oxycodone HCI), Percocet (oxycodone and acetaminophen), codeine, and morphine.

According to a study out of Brandeis University in Massachusetts, prescription painkillers are now responsible for causing more fatal overdoses than both heroin and cocaine combined. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has actually declared an epidemic in response to this elevated number of prescription painkiller deaths. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

6) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Antidepressants like Prozac (fluoxetine), Zoloft (sertraline), Paxil (paroxetine), and Lexapro (escitalopram) have been around for years, but their dangers typically receive far less attention than they deserve. Side effects like suicidal tendencies, sexual dysfunction, gastrointestinal bleeding, and heart disease are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many side effects of SSRIs.

In some cases, SSRIs can actually make depression symptoms worse, leading some individuals to become violent. Be sure to watch the Health Ranger’s music videoS.S.R.Lies for a creative glimpse at the dangers of SSRIs:http://www.naturalnews.com

Read original article here http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/01/30/six-dangerous-prescription-drugs-you-should-think-twice-before-taking/

Russia’s air defense missiles, the S-400 have been moved into position in defense of Russian ICBM’s which is being readied for World War III

January 29,2016
by Dave Hodges

Russia’s air defense missiles, the S-400 have been moved into position in defense of Russian ICBM’s which is being readied for World War III


Russia’s TASS Agency,as reported by Next News Network,  is reporting that 10 missile regiments of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force are combat ready and are now positioned at the highest level of alert.

In a press release, the Strategic Missile Force’s press office stated that Seven regiments armed with Topol, Topol-M and Yars mobile missile systems will advance for combat patrols in the Ivanovo, Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk, Kirov and Irkutsk Regions, the Altai Territory and the Republic of Mary E.

The press office further stated that, “The strategic missile forces will practice moving missile systems to field positions, performing marches with the change of field positions, carrying out measures for organization of the ground, camouflaging, protecting and defending military hardware and field positions.”

If this is not a provocative action by the Russians in preparation for World War III, I don’t know what constitute such an action.

Read original article here…http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/01/29/breaking-news-russian-icbm-forces-placed-on-highest-alert/

TRUMP 2016

JUNE 16, 2015

Our country is in serious trouble.  We are not respected by anyone.  We are a laughing stock all over the world. ISIS, China, Mexico are all beating us.  Everybody is beating us. Our enemies
are getting stronger and we are getting weaker. Politicians are all talk and no action. They will never be able to fix our country.  They will never bring us to the Promised Land, and I cannot sit back and watch this incompetence any Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for President of the United States. While I love my company and what I have built and I love my country even more.

When was the last time the US won at anything? When was the last time we beat China or Japan in trade? or Mexico at the border? or anybody in negotiation? When was the last time we had a military victory that was so complete and total that the other side just said “We Quit!”

It just doesn’t happen for the US anymore. Our country needs and deserves a comeback…but, we are not going to get that comeback with politicians. Politicians are not the solution to our problems they are the problem. They are almost completely controlled by lobbyists, donors and the special interests

they do not have the best interests of our people at heart. We will never achieve our full potential if we send yet another politician to the White House. They will grow government, not cut it

they will grow debt, not stop it. We are right now in a massive bubble that could be ready to explode

real unemployment in the range of 20%, artificially induced low interest rates, and a stock market that bears no relation to reality

are symptoms of something that could be catastrophic. We better have a great leader who truly understands what’s going on. Our country has a debt which will soon pass $20 trillion. We have unsecured borders. There are over 90 million Americans who have given up looking for work. We have 45 million Americans on food stamps and nearly 50 million
Americans living in poverty. Clearly, our so called “leaders” in Washington are failing us. They have failed
to honor their sacred duty to care for our veterans and their families. They have failed to keep our military strong and vibrant
. Through gross incompetence, we give billions of dollars of high grade military equipment to our
enemies. Our President truly doesn’t have a clue! At the same time, the world is becoming far more dangerous every day. Iran is racing towards developing nuclear weapons. China is exponentially expanding its military power, ISIS is beheading Christians simply for being Christian. In Benghazi, Islamic terrorists killed our diplomats without any consequences. Iran and ISIS, separately, are taking over vast areas in the Middle East and with it the largest oil reserves in the world. Our President has no plan. The America we love will continue its decline because Washington is broken.
We will never fix Washington from the inside unless we send someone to Washington from the outside.
It is time for government to be run efficiently and effectively. It is time to get things done, and by done I mean properly
done! This is our time to once again make our government a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is why today I am declaring my candidacy for President. I will Make America Great Again!
We will change Washington together and defeat the special intere
sts. I am not a politician. I can’t be bought.  I won’t be running around the country begging people for money for my campaign. I won’t owe anybody anything. I won’t be beholden to anyone except to you, the American people, if you elect
me to serve as your President.
It is time to take our country in a bold new direction. It is time to get Americans back to work.It is way past time
to build a massive wall to secure our southern border

and nobody can build a bigger and better wall than Donald Trump.
A country without borders is, quite simply, not a country.  Mexico is not our friend. They are beating us at the border and hurting us badly at economic development.  They are sending people that they don’t want

the United States is becoming a dumping ground for the world. It is of primary importance to take care of our veterans and their families

to make sure that every veteran has access to great medical care and attention. Our veterans are our heroes but are treated as third class citizens. It is essential to rebuild our military so we have a strong presence that will send a clear message to our enemies that America is the leader of the free
world. As President Reagan proved, there is only peace through strength. The government must honor its obligations to our seniors. We mustprotect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, without cuts…there will no longer be any waste, fraud and abuse on my watch.

ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced with something far superior and at far less cost. Likewise, we must greatly simplify our tax code. Our middle class, which has been totally forgotten, will thrive once again under President Trump.

It is time to stop sending jobs overseas through bad foreign trade deals. We wil l renegotiate our trade deals with the toughest negotiators our countryhas… the ones who have actually read “The Art of the Deal” and know how to
make great deals for our country. It is time to close loopholes for Wall Street and create far more opport unities for small businesses.   It is necessary that we invest in our infrastructure, stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us and use that money to rebuild our tunnels, roads, bridges and schools
and nobody can do that better than me. We have to stop Common Core. We must keep education local and under
parental control. Unelected Washington bureaucrats shouldn’t determine what is best for our children.  
It is important for our allies to know they can once again depend on us. We will no longer bow down to our enemies.
We must stand by Israel. We will remind the world that a threat against Israel is a threat against the United States.
We need to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  We cannot allow a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.
It is time to defeat ISIS. With a proper plan, it can be done quickly and effectively.
It is time to get tough with the Chinese on currency manipulation andespionage. We will tax China for each bad act,
and if they continue then we will tax them at an even higher level.Quite simply, it is time to bring real leadership to  Washington.
The fact is, the American Dream is dead

but if I win, I will bring it back  bigger and better and stronger than ever before. Together we will
Make America Great Again!
Thank You!

Read original article here http://http://45thuspresident.us/trumphistory/#more-1283

FEMA Camps Are Open, Guillotines Are In Place, ISIS Executioners Await Your Arrival

FEMA Camps Are Open, Guillotines Are In Place, ISIS Executioners Await Your Arrival

January  28, 2016 by Dave Hodges


Ammon Bundy and his closest supporters are in jail. Lavoy Finicum has been executed by the FBI.  Ranchers, everywhere, are taking note. The ranchers now know that this administration wants them off their land at all costs. This administration cannot let any significant opposition develop.  A false flag crisis needs to be perpetuated. Dissidents need to be dealt with.

The economy is ready to implode. People will riot over food, medicine, etc. As a result, FEMA camp preparations are ready. Plenty of cheap labor FEMA camp workers have been imported into the country .The guillotines are in place. Connect the dots. What is coming?

Paul Martin told me, yesterday, that martial law is locked and cocked. Anyone who can leave is leaving. Foreign assets will be used to enforce martial law. Repeatedly, Paul’s best source said it is time to get out now, because September will be too late.

I have also been getting much of the same from my sources.

Ted Gunderson

When retired FBI agent, the now deceased Ted Gunderson,reportedly told a gathering of militia members that the federal government had set up 1,000 internment camps across the country, I had no trouble believing hisstatement because there is ample documentation to support his statement (e.g.REX 84,Operation Garden Plot and now the NDAA). However, when Gunderson reported that the federal government was storing over 500,000 caskets outside of Atlanta, I also knew he was accurate on this point becauseSherrie Wilcox found the evidence in the adjacent photo. However, when I heard that Gunderson was accusing the government of storing 30,000 guillotines, I thought he had lost his mind.


Why Would the Government Want to Store Guillotines?

Gunderson told various patriot groups that the guillotines were being stored for the day that the government declares martial law and moves in to round up and execute American dissenters. Gunderson prophetically told patriot groups that the federal government was going to keep track of all of us. The last statement has indeed proven accurate given the recent Snowden/NSA scandal.

Can somebody please explain to me why the government would need to order 30,000 guillotines? For what legitimatepurpose could these tools of execution be utilized?

The guillotine has never been used inside of the United States. The United States has executed people by firing squad, hanging, the electric chair and lethal injection. The US has never executed a convicted criminal through the use of the guillotine.

Given these facts, then why is this government importing 30,000 guillotines as Gunderson claimed? Oh, I know that some of the sheep are now looking up from the ground and have just said “there aren’t are any guillotines in the United States.” Then please tell me, sheep of America, why did Representative Doug Teper, of the Georgia Legislative Assembly (Democrat) introduced a bill which will supplant the method of execution, the electric chair, with the guillotine back in 1995-6? The referenced bill was Georgia State House Bill (1995-6) HB 1274– Death penalty; guillotine provisions. Certainly, Teper would have never thought that this was possible is there were not already guillotines inside of the United States.

An Efficient Killing Machine


Has anyone bothered to do the math? A single guillotine reportedly can chop off the heads of about 100 people per hour. In one hour, the federal government has the capacity to execute as many as three million people. In one ten hour day, 30 million people could be executed by way of the guillotine.

Read more herehttp://http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/01/28/fema-camps-are-open-guillotines-are-in-place-isis-executioners-await-your-arrival/

The Shameful Neglect Of America’s Homeless Veterans

The Shameful Neglect Of America’s Homeless Veterans

January 8, 2016 by Patrick


2015 should have been the year remembered for the elimination of homelessness amongst American veterans. Unfortunately, as Christmas came and went, approximately 50,000 veterans were homeless. A shocking statistic. For a country that spends such vast resources on its military and refugee settlement. The disregard for its servicemen and women after they return home is nothing short of a disgrace and an international embarrassment.



Yet the welfare use for refugees staggering. Welfare usage is never counted by officials as part of the cost of the program. Yet, when it is included, the total cost of the refugee program soars to at least 10-20 billion a year.
This is of course a complete political failure from both sides of America’s political divide since the Vietnam War. Administration after administration had failed to adequately provide the medical and material support for its veterans.

No doubt most of America’s current crop of politicians stand tall on Veteran’s Day, when in reality many of them connive to water-down, obstruct or oppose legislation relating to Veteran’s benefits for party political gain.

The most blatant example was the political deadlock that lead to the government shut down of 2013, which caused work to stop on the processing of hundreds of thousands of veteran disability claims and threaten disability compensation checks. Similarly, shameless politicians allowed theJames Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to deliberately expire depriving the first responders to 9/11 healthcare entitlements. (Recently renewed in December 2015).


Such politicking in Washington is a betrayal of America’s veterans and a betrayal of the ideals of Abraham Lincoln, ideals many an American politician claims to espouse.

http://“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.”

-Abraham Lincoln


On the issue of homelessness amongst veterans there should be no partisan politics. But this is 2016… This is election season. This should be an election issue. Veterans must make this an election issue. As IAVA President Paul Rieckhoff states:

“Widow’s benefits, GI Bill checks and VA disability payments should not be held hostage by political games. If leaders in Washington shut down the government to prove a partisan political point, know that over 20 million veterans will be adversely affected. And that we won’t forget when we vote in November.”

Read original article herehttp://www.aviewfromtheattic.com/the-shameful-neglect-of-americas-homeless-veterans/

Surprise! Russia Preps For Nuclear War As US Army Sinks $900 Million Into Chemical And Biological War Projects

January 17, 2016
Surprise! Russia Preps For Nuclear War As US Army Sinks $900 Million Into Chemical And Biological War Projects – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

“When all else fails – they take us to war.” Gerald Celente

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente has often warned that when the global economy was in its final stages and the global ‘plunge protection team’ no longer able to artifically keep it propped up, the criminal elite would launch another global war. What better way to keep the minds of the masses off of the fact that they no longer have a job or an economic future when they’re concerned about simply surviving war? “When all else fails, they take us to war”Celente bluntly reminds us. 

In the videos below, we see the latest signs that global powers and the ‘elite’ are indeed preparing for global war as we hear in the 1st video from Gary Franchi at the Next News Network that Russia is now holding SNAP drills in preparation for nuclear, chemical and biological war. In the 2nd video we learn that the Pentagon has ordered up $900 million in new ‘chemical and biological war projects’ as well.Has ‘all else’ failed? 

With both Russia and the US now massively preparing for something horrid, how long will it be until what they are preparing for comes to fulfillment? As we recently learned,time is short and Americans are running out of time for preparation for the earthshaking financial and global political events which are seemingly unfolding right now before our very eyes. With Iran now preparing for the arrival of the ‘Mahdi’ as shared in the 3rd video below, will we soon also watch the fulfillment of prophecy? 

First, from Tass News we learn of Russia’s SNAP drills in preparation for nuclear war. What does Russia know that the American people don’t know that would require them to take these moves? These moves also come only weeks after surprise combat readiness checks were also held in 26 regions of Russia.:


A surprise combat readiness inspection of military units of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) of the Eastern Military District has been conducted in the Republic of Buryatia in the south of Siberia, a district spokesman said on Wednesday. The units drilled actions to determine the degree of contamination of facilities and terrain, taking samples of water, air and soil for analysis under the scenario of weapons of mass destruction use by a simulated enemy. 

“The troops were alerted and marched to a simulating facility where they drilled actions in the conditions of the use of weapons of mass destruction by a simulated enemy,” spokesman for the Eastern Military District Alexander Gordeyev said. “The NBC protection units deployed aerosol countermeasures vehicles and decontaminated equipment, weapons and facilities in the area of simulated use of weapons of mass destruction using disinfectant solutions.”

Only two weeks ago we learned: “Combined antiterrorism units had four-day exercises to drill practical issues and operational procedures of combat alert forces in repelling an attack on military facilities, military units and garrisons. Each military unit acted under its own drill scenario covering all the relevant aspects of anti-terrorist activities from an attempt to plant a mine at ammunition depots to the seizure of buildings and taking of hostages in military garrisons,” the statement says.


Russia obviously isn’t the only country preparing for something massive as we learn from Sputnik News thatthe US Army has just awarded $900 million dollars worth of chemical and biological war projects to 17 companies
What do the Obama administration and the Pentagon know that the American people don’t know? From Sputnik.:

The US Army has awarded 17 companies, including major corporations, $900 million in contracts for logistics and service support for biological and chemical war projects, the Department of Defense announced.

The companies, including the Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio and the Camber Corp. of Huntsville, Alabama “were awarded a $900 million contract to the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense.” 

The United States faces current and emerging chemical and biological threats and requires integrated defenses against them, but currently those responsibilities are split among 26 different Defense Department agencies, according to an August 2015 US Government Accountability Office report.


While all of this preparation may not immediately lead to a war that will cause ‘Armageddon’, knowing full well that there are those who are pushing for an apocalypse does not make us any more optimistic about avoiding such a devastating event. 
AsSkywatch TV recently told usaccording to the Commander of Iran’s Army, they are now preparing for the arrival of the ‘Mahdi’ and the necessary nuclear apocalypse that would be required to take place to bring about such an event. Is this why the Obama administration and Russia are so diligently preparing for devastating war? The 3rd video below from LibertyInOurTime tells us more aboutIran’s preparation for Armageddon


Video https://youtu.be/wxKRVllsego

Video https://youtu.be/x2J2GmK6LFA

UPDATE: More Children ‘Crucified, Beheaded, and Stoned to Death’ by ISIS in November, Says New UN Report

Update  January 17, 2016

UPDATE: More Children ‘Crucified, Beheaded, and Stoned to Death’ by ISIS in November, Says New UN Report

Barbara Boland

In October, a 17-year-old boy committed the ‘crime’ of apostasy and was crucified in Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State. Around his neck hung a sign that said he’d been paid 500 Turkish lira for photographs of the Islamic State’s military base. His bloodied body hung in a public square for three days. ISIS and the resistance movement circulated images of the gruesome scene online.

“Children have been murdered, tortured and subjected to sexual violence by all parties to the [Syrian] conflict,” writes Valerie Amos the UN’s Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.

The sign says this 17-year-old boy is an apostate who sold pictures of the ISIS military camp for 500 Turkish lira


“Reports of children killed or publicly executed, crucified, beheaded and stoned to death, particularly by ISIL, have increased in recent months…. We have also seen a trend of children receiving military training and weapons. Being used in combat roles, younger and younger. Reports have been received of 350 children, some as young as five years old, being trained for combat in a military camp in Ar-Raqqa,” says the report to the UN.

13 Year-Old ISIS Supporter in Raqqa. His shirt says ‘Live Free’ with no hint of irony 


“Reports of sexual and gender based violence have increased since July, particularly but not exclusively, perpetrated by ISIL,” said Amos’ report to the UN Security Council.

From the UN Security Council Briefing on Syria:

“Recently, Kurdish refugees from Kobani reported the capture of young girls by ISIL for sexual purposes.

Girls as young as twelve.

Reports of early and forced marriage are also on the rise.”

More than 230 bodies were foundin a mass grave in Deir al-Zour, Syria, believed to have been killed by ISIS in a massacre in August.

“Many heads [were] hanging on walls while I and my family escaped,” said one survivor.


Others told of several freshly-dug mass graves. Their accounts were published in the aptly-titled UNreport: “Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria.”

Video circulated online shows IS fighters conducting mass beheadings of Sheitat tribesmen. The fighters gave the men an opportunity to swear allegiance to ISIS, which they refused. Then the fighters mocked them before executing mass decapitations. There are even reports that the injured were dragged out of hospitals to join in the mass killings.

“We have run out of words to fully explain the brutality, violence and callous disregard for human life which is a hallmark of this crisis,” Amos’ letter to the UN says.

Syrian refugee camp


The letter continues:

“Today Syria is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a child. In February, around four million children were particularly vulnerable and in need of international assistance. Today, over 5.6 million children are in need of immediate assistance.”

“Every time we use a new figure in relation to the Syrian crisis we say that it is unprecedented,” writes the UN’s Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos. “The international community has become numb to its impact with the vast numbers, regional reach and sense of political impasse.”

The world may have moved on, but the horrific mass killings, crucifixions and beheadings in the Levant continue still.
While the media is silent.

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CONCERNING THE PATROL BOAT CAPTURE:Why were they carrying US passports on an active patrol??? Something smells rotten as many suspect.

Steve, I saw something on FOX News Friday evening that caught my eye while
watching video footage from the Iranians displaying the “captured” US navy
sailors. In the video clip, they showed the Iranians displaying US
passports, allegedly belonging to some of the sailors.
I’m former US army cavalry trooper of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment,
3rd Squadron, West Germany, mid-late ’70’s. We patrolled the Czech border
trace with W. Germany. No GPS back then, just charts. When out on patrol,
inside the 1K zone, 50 meter zone, we were forbidden to carry any documents
other than a US armed forces identification card. If it looked as though
any of us were really going to be “captured” by the PS guards for
accidentally straying inside Czech, we were to ASAP change the frequencies
on the radios to random and BURN the CEOI book (communications electronics
operating instructions…the radio frequencies, call sign and
authentication tables booklet). Nothing in your wallet but an US armed
forces identification card was allowed.
Why were they carrying US passports on an active patrol??? Something smells
rotten as many suspect.
Thank you Steve for being our watchmen of the Lord to us all…all over
this world.


Jan 17, 2016

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Ammon Bundy Is Saving America From Planned Genocide

Ammon Bundy Is Saving America From Planned Genocide

January 17, 2016 by Dave Hodges


The American West is beign carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. The BLM and EPA are making great progress in moving people out of rural areas in deference to Agenda 21 and the globalist desire to move everyone into stack and pack cities. In fact this planned relocation has genocide as its hallmark trait.


Ammon Bundy stands between you and America’s date with genocide. The following paragraphs will make this outrageous assertion crystal clear.

The globalists, through Agenda 21, want us out of all rural areas. This belief is expressed in the following biodiversity map created by the UN.


The plan is to move us into the following megacities arrangement displayed below.


During this time, the global elite’s plan to establish 11 megacity regions, each containing approximately six million people each was being established under stealth. McCain had a vested interest in lying to his fellow Arizona citizens about the role that his creation, CAFTA, would play in the establishment of the New World Order running amok and swallowing up what would be left of America.

In the present time, locating the publicly available information on the megacities topic is child’s play. In fact, I am quite shocked that more of my colleagues in the truthful media are not immersed in this topic and shouting from the rooftops about the implications posed by the implementation of these 11 urban areas to our collective lives, liberties, properties and our very existence.

The Truth About Megacities Is Out In the Open

Where ever you find a bold new initiative related to the plans of the global elite, you will find documentation arising from various think tank organizations in support of these goals. With regard to the coming forced subjugation of the American population to the “stack and pack” megacities, two important papers, the 3-D: Infrastructure for California’s Futureand the National Academy of Public Administration’s. “Memos to National Leaders: Partnerships as Fiscal Policy”
Jump to the front of the line in espousing the megacities concept.


These papers focus on how tax restructuring can be used to finance and build the new megacities. I wrote about these tax plans emanating from Obama’s community activist mentor, Mike Krulig and his group known as Building One America, in a previous article. These papers detail the plan to depopulate and destroy the suburbs and the rural areas of America while diverting the tax base derived from the suburbs and rural towns, cities and counties and using that money to construct the infrastructure of the megacities.

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