Assassinate Donald Trump Say Two GOP Strategists

Assassinate Donald Trump Say Two GOP Strategists

26, Dec, 2015
by Dave Hodges


I wrote a story this past fall in which I expressed fear for the safety of Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. In the article, and in detail, I pointed out that Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy were all assassinated by lone nut gunmen, all of which possessed a diary which implicated them in the crime. The same cover story was used for all three assassinations. This is why I entitled the article, 
Will Trump Be Assassinated by a Man With a Diary

The implication of the previous article was made crystal clear. If the establishment murdered three prominent political opponents using the same MO, why wouldn’t they do it for a fourth time? Well, recently, it has come to my attention that leading consultants and strategists for the GOP are openly advocating for the assassination of Donald Trump. With the fact that the authors of the two threats are still walking in public as free men, tells me that these threats being made against a viable Presidential candidate are going unopposed by this current administration makes me wonder if the following threats are not only being tolerated by this nation’s leadership, but encouraged by their inaction. Please note that I have performed my due diligence and I have filed a complaint with the Secret Service about the following events.

The safety of Donald Trump, is no longer a theoretical concern, Trump’s safety has just become a very serious concern.

Provable Threats Against a Legitimate Presidential Candidate

Three Days ago, Info Wars reporter, Joe Biggs, broke the story of an assassination threat made against Donald Trump by Pat Brady a GOP campaign manager, as expressed in the following video.

Read more here


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