Vet’s mom forced to sell Obama letter to cover VA failures he promised to fix

Vet’s mom forced to sell Obama letter to cover VA failures he promised to fix


This is only one of thousands of acts of treason against the men who were willing to fight and die for their country.

Apparently our current administration cares nothing for our veterans or their great sacrifice; moreover, Obama has made it quite clear that the only citizens he values are the enemies that our veterans fought in the middle east.

This is TREASON yet no one seems to notice or possibly our representatives have ignored this treason for monetary gain.

God have mercy on American and may He avenge our veterans.

McKimmey was campaigning for the the Veterans Administration to do more to help him recover from injuries for which he received the Bronze Star with Valor for crawling back into a truck fire to save two soldiers who eventually died. He suffered burns to his face and hands is still likely to lose his leg.

McKimmey said that her son faced long drives to VA specialists and despite his injuries, was categorized as a vet with minor injuries, robbing him of special care.

In response to one of her letters, Obama wrote back: “Cherry – Thank your for your note. We are grateful for your son’s service, and Michelle and I intend to do everything we can over the next four years to support your family and other military families. God Bless, Barack Obama”

But McKimmey said while the letter was a nice touch, nothing was done to help her son, who is the single father of three young children, one just six months old. He is living on disability benefits.

She and her husband are providing some financial help, but David needs more, said his mom. McKimmey said she saw that another Obama letter was auctioned, so she turned to Maryland-based Alexander Historical Auctions for help.

Alexander President Bill Panagopulos is offering the letter in his current three-day sale of historical relics and artifacts. Because Obama letters are rare, he expects it to bring $3,000-$4,000. He is also eliminating his normal commissions.

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