SCREENING questions for the 97.5% Muslim Syrian ‘refugees.’


1.) Do you believe in Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet?

2.) Do you believe that Mohammed was a “Perfect Man,” as the Koran teaches?

3.) Do you submit to the Koran and the Hadith as your standard for ethics?

4.) Will you do your duty as a Muslim to seek to further establish the region of Islam in America?

5.) Do you agree that establishing Shariah Law is your duty to Allah?

6.) Do you agree with Jihad in all its forms, personal, spiritual, cultural and in war is a Muslim duty?

7.) Do you agree with the Koran that faithful Muslim men are superior to all other people?

If they answer yes to any of these questions and we let them into our country … we have effectively committed cultural and civil suicide.

The First Amendment does NOT grant an absolute right to religion, if that religion is committed to undermining the Constitution and our laws.

A Muslim by definition is disqualified from citizenship.

PROBLEM: Muslims are permitted to deceive the infidels to prosecute their Jihad. So asking any Muslim any questions and expecting an honest answer is utter insanity.


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