The Two Major Reasons Why America Is Dead On Arrival


Nov, 10, 2015~by Dave Hodges

I was recently relating a story to young adults about how managed care companies make money by denying care. One case in point involved a mother and her precious daughter who was only 18 months old. The child had developed a 104 degree temperature. The mother called 911 and was told to go to Martin Luther King Jr. hospital in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, hospital officials told the desperate mother that Kaiser Permanente had denied the use of this “out of network hospital” to her daughter. Fearing that her daughter’s death was imminent, the mother begged and pleaded for the hospital to ignore Kaiser and treat her 18 month old anyway before she died. Both were forcibly removed from the hospital. The mother arrived at the second hospital just in time for her daughter to go into cardiac arrest and die.


A group of American expatriates, living in France, were once filmed reacting to this story and they said it would be impossible for this to happen in France because the “government feared the people”, while in America, the “people feared the government”. I asked these young people if they feared their government.

“In France, the government fears the people. In America, the people fear the government”.

There are two reasons why America has no chance of reclaiming our position of prominence: (1) As a nation, we are absolutely and irrevocably spiritually bankrupt. As a result, God will not inspire a national rebirth because we are now a nation under judgment. Although, individual salvation is still possible, national revival is out of the question; and, (2) For the most part, our people are psychologically paralyzed. Our individual and national self-esteem is very low. Americans have lost their spirit of resilience. We no longer equate positive action with positive outcomes. We have been conditioned as a people to accept defeat without so much as a struggle.

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