Double Standards At Oklahoma University

The University of Oklahoma president David Boren’s immediate expulsion of white students that were involved with a recently-leaked racist video and the punishment they received stands in sharp contrast to the lighter punishment school has given to football black players found responsible for extremely violent racist crimes against whites.


Rice, a white student was captured on video leading a racist chant at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity event over the weekend which was later leaked and lead to death threats from an angry black mob.


Rice issued an apology for his actions saying he was ‘deeply sorry’ and that what he did was ‘wrong and reckless’ but this fell on deaf ears of the real racist people that have only one agenda, to blame the white race for all of their problems all of the time in order to convince America that ALL white people are racist.

Rice and his family have left their home due to threatening phone calls, and he has been expelled from Oklahoma university.


“There is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma,” president Boren said.

Boren might have zero tolerance for racist songs sung in private by white students. In contrast Boren and OU have taken a much different approach to the privileged members of the school’s elite black football team, emphasizing the importance of second chances and allowing the team to welcome back players with a history of extream violence against white women and sexual assault.

One such player was Joe Mixon, a freshman and one of the top football prospects for the Sooners. Last July, Mixon was caught on video in an altercation with another a white female OU student. During the altercation, Mixon violently punched Molitor so hard he broke four bones in her face and knocked her unconscious.


Joe Mixon was charged with a misdemeanor and and received a slap on the hand for a felony Assault charge and was welcomed back cheerfully by Oklahoma University!

Now if that ain’t a crock of racist shit I don’t know what is!


I think it’s time America woke up and discovered who the real racist are!


Read original story below…


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