Affirmative action punishment. High School suspends white class president after he is attacked by a black student.


This is an issue this website has been talking about for years. For decades many public schools have been punishing white students when they are attacked by blacks. This is done in the name of political correctness. Public school officials tip toe around black behavioral problems out of fear of being called “racist.” Now race based affirmative action school discipline is out in the open. The Obama administration has been mandating that schools should only suspend black student in an equal proportion to the number of white students suspended, despite the fact that black students misbehave at far higher rates.

Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany doesn’t it?
It’s preposterous to say the least. Black hate crimes against whites  are an epidemic in America and at pandemic levels world wide!

This is what happens when schools are ordered to suspend an equal percentage of white students as they do black students, regardless of who misbehaves more.

This of course is carefully planned by our socialist government in order to fulfill their agenda of white genocide.

A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses. The black male student had allegedly been sexually harassing the victim’s fourteen year old sister at school. When confronted by the victim, the victim’s father, and a school security guard, the black male student became violent and attacked.

Can you see what’s happening in America today?

The school is 67% white, 16% Hispanic, 13% Asian, 3% black, 1% American Indian, and 1% miscellaneous.”


Read original story below…

Also check our Colin Flaherty the author of “White girl bleed a lot,”
And “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry.”


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