~Fabricated compassion: Democrats abandon U.S. homeless, veterans and the hungry in rush to roll out red carpet for illegals and Syrian refugees~

By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) “We are all connected. We can’t just build a wall or a fence and say no more. This is America. Our doors are open.” These are the words of U.S. House of Representatives John Lewis, (1) one of many democrats who seem to be stampeding over each other to see who can offer the most enticements to accelerate the flood of illegal aliens sweeping across America’s border.

Those enticements include not just free housing, free health care, free food and free legal representation, they now include the federal government purchasing a massive luxury resort to house illegal children, sporting luxury swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers and free wi-fi. (2) (See photo below.)

The mantra of democrats has suddenly become one of claiming America should no longer have any borders at all. Every adult or child from anywhere in the world, regardless of their criminal background, should be welcomed to America and deposited on the streets of U.S. cities, the democrats say. This is all being done in the name of “compassion,” because America is supposed to be a nation that cares about people. Thus, the economic costs of managing such an influx is irrelevant, we’re told, because compassion knows no limits of expenditure.

America’s homeless completely ignored

It’s a touching argument, but of course it’s entirely fabricated. And proof of that is found in the fact that all this compassion does not extend to America’s existing homeless children and adults who suffer right now on our streets. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 3.5 million Americans will experience homelessness this year. Astonishingly, 1.35 million of those people are American children. (5)

Where is the urgent call by democrats to help these impoverished Americans? Or, better stated, why do democrats value illegal immigrant children more than American children?

New Yorkers are facing starvation while veterans need food, shelter and medicine


Right now, economic impoverishment is spreading like an economic cancer across America, with over 50 million Americans dependent on food stamps and one in six New Yorkers facing starvation. (4) Shouldn’t helping our own people take precedence over paying for the world’s impoverished to trek to America and be showered with the very same benefits that are denied to our own citizens?

America’s veterans, too, are thrown out on the streets by democrats, who seemingly never have the heart to acknowledge their contribution to our history and our national security. In a nation where democrats are rolling out the red carpet to illegals, our own veterans are dying by the thousands after being routinely denied urgent health care services by VA hospitals.

A whopping 40% of homeless veterans are African-American or Hispanic (3), demonstrating that the very same minorities the democrats claim to protect will be abandoned once they take on a role in society — the soldier — that democrats dislike.

While illegals will be housed in luxury resorts and given free benefits at any cost, American homeless are utterly ignored, left to sleep in cardboard boxes while receiving no health, no welfare or any care whatsoever.


Where is the democrats’ compassion for homeless veterans? If government shelters are wide open for refugees and illegals, why aren’t they open for homeless veterans? Why can’t veterans who need shelter live in the luxury resort being purchased by the government to house illegals? Where is the free food, free health care and free legal representation for our own men and women who served in uniform?

It’s nowhere to be found. Helping homeless veterans, you see, doesn’t support the political support base of the democrats who know that most soldiers tend to vote for conservatives. So because of their political beliefs, veterans are abandoned while future voters from socialist-leaning countries are rushed across the border and lavished in a shower of free benefits. (This is really a policy of flooding future polling booths with reliable socialist voters while making sure all voter ID laws are kept suppressed so that illegals can vote in every election.)

Selective compassion is motivated by politics, not humanitarian truth

To no one’s surprise, democrats’ compassion turns out to be highly selective. They are primarily compassionate to those they see as being future democratic voters, not the Americans already in dire need of food, medicine and shelter who survive in our streets right now, this very minute.

Those homeless — which include many veterans — are utterly forgotten by the democratic party in their rush to dismantle national borders and attract a flood of future voters, regardless of the cost to our hospitals, public schools, national security and state budgets which are already strained to the limit.

It’s one thing to publicly announce that we should financially support all the world’s children; but it’s quite another to ask the American people to set their own children aside at the hospital emergency room because all the doctors are “already busy with migrant children.” It’s easy to talk about being compassionate, but the expenditures needed to support those children are of course added to the debt burden of the American taxpayer.
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