The Alien Demon Agenda (Part 1)

The Demonic Hierarchy
And some of their challenges …
When you attempt to unravel the extremely complex dynamics of this total onslaught of humanity by Lucifer’s army, you begin to discover a lot of new concepts, plans, terminology, and technologies.  Over a year ago I began to think that America appeared to be the Great Babylon, because the descriptions of it in Jeremiah 50, 51 and Revelation 18 were so evident.  I had already seen what this country was doing on a global level.  I read the book by John Perkins, entitled “The Economic Hit Man” and there was no question the U.S. was “conquering” the globe under the cloak of humanitarian cause.

But then you read “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper.  He was a high ranking military officer involved in the U.S. cover-up of this “alien / demon” phenomena (until “they”executed him).  Cooper, being on the front lines, was tormented spiritually and even began to question his belief in Christianity.  Cooper was a highly credible insider who had access to Top Secret military documentation and insider sources and saw these “things” with his own eyes.  He confirmed the unthinkable.  He confirmed that, not only had the U.S. government known and consorted with these “alien” entities, but in FACT had actually signed “Treaties” with them.  Agreements.

Or as our Lord, the Most High God, and King Jesus would put it … they signed OATHS!

Oaths Signed Directly with the DEVIL

These “oaths” of agreement, or treaties, allowed these demonic entities to have a certain amount of freedom and secrecy in exchange for “technological know-how”.  In exchange for this technology, our government agreed to “allow” these demons free access to “human beings” for their own purposes.  We “agreed”, (with some rather pathetic restrictions), to allow them to “harvest” human beings and perform abominations on their bodies.  The U.S. government told LUCIFER he could have the “bodies” and “souls” of God’s greatest creations (in his “own image”) to torment, torture, mutilate, and genetically alter.


In fact, (while I will try to tackle this most difficult concept in a later article), these demon entities, not only genetically tinker with our bodies and create very “human looking” versions of themselves … BUT… they have reportedly perfected this activity referred to as “soul scalping”.  Suffice it to say, “soul scalping” is the act of using extremely advanced technologies to harvest the human “life force” from the living body and put it into “containers” to use in another “body-like” form for their own purposes.

I refer you to the an excerpt from
http://“Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel and God”

Part 4).  Remember this stuff was happening 2,000 years ago.

Another thing these Bacchae were known for is wearing demonic bracelets or “bands”. · The Bacchae are biblically famous as they would wear “magic bands” called “kesatot”. These bands would entrap the souls of their victims.

Ez. 13:20

“Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold I am against your magic bands [kesatot] by which you hunt lives [souls] there as birds, and I will tear them off your arms; and I will let them go, even those lives [souls] whom you hunt as birds”


Since these “Bacchae” were able to capture souls of humans with their “magic bracelets” and demonic rituals, how arrogant must we be to think that Lucifers’ own demonic alien armies have not “technologically” perfected this in their alien abduction activities?

Now that I have your attention, let’s digress to a less sinister concept.  Let’s investigate the challenges they face with their “reporting hierarchy” … top down.

The Question of “When”?

The question I get asked more than any other question is “when”.  When will this all start to happen?  Will it really be 2010 that the U.S. is toppled to effect their global control objective?  My answer is always the same.  Only God knows for sure.

Our Lord draws lines in the sand, and allows these things to happen to OUR GLORY – AMEN!  We must never forget, as this play unfolds, that WE WIN.  Take the time to go back and read about the wonderful period we have awaiting us in the Millennium in the the last article posted here:

Heaven on Earth, a Sneak Peak of Our Future

The Demonic Control Hierarchy
Why is Even Their Timeline in Question?

There are a lot of fascinating “behind the scenes” dynamics at work we often overlook. For example, you have this earthy hierarchy taking orders from the “demonic”. Then you have the earthly “manifestation” of the demonic in the flesh (e.g. the reptilian / alien entities and many more).

The Demons on Earth NEED the Demons in Other Dimensions

However I find it MOST INTERESTING, that these “earthy” demonic manifestations have this NEED to make contact with the “other dimensional” demons, as evidenced by their Satanic rituals and sacrificial ceremonies. I find that REMARKABLE. This implies that this “hierarchy” extends into the other dimensions (1st and 2nd Heavens) and there is a requirement for “contact” into these realms.  WHY?  This need is further underscored by their hunger to break-through these dimensions with “star-gate like” technologies such as the CERN Accelerator.  There is no question they “need” a break-through.  PUN-INTENDED.

The Earth-Bound Physical Demons

Then below that “hierarchy” you have the multiple levels of Satanic power structures here on earth. Arguably they are led by the “reptilian” entities top down. But again, this line gets blurred by the fact that these “reptilian” entities live inside the energy forces of the human bloodlines they control (in some cases, not all however). These “earthly” Satanic power structures work in concert with one another through organized and coordinated rituals on a global level and set up their power epicenters along these “ley lines”.
Now amongst these “pockets” of earthly Satanic power levels (the Brotherhood, the multiple levels of the Masonic Order, the Rosicrucians, the various “Orders” of this and that, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, the “Royalty” etc.) you have some FREE WILL. You always have “free will”. If it wasn’t for this “free will” dynamic you wouldn’t have had the Luciferian Rebellion in the first place. So THAT comes into play.

Oh and just to “wet your whistle” a bit more.  Were you aware the insignia of the Trilateral Commission, is the exact insignia these “alien / demon” entities display on both their garb and their technological space buggies?


Military Commanders, Black Ops, and High Level Insiders

THEN you progress downward into the levels of the Military, and Governments. When you consider ALL the people that have been assassinated (from government / military leaders, to scientists and bio-weapons experts, to DUMB workers, to escaped Brotherhood members, to whistle blowers at all levels) you start to see that “THEY” are threatened by information leaks.

Moreover “they” are infinitely concerned with uncontrolled uprisings. I believe this concern over “human uprising” is a huge worry of theirs. This is probably because they have got their butts kicked in the past as a result of unexpected consequences in their own orchestrated wars etc. These unexpected uprisings have most likely caused delays which they had to work around through subsequent years of alternative strategies and manipulation. THEY are very careful about how quick “they” do something. Careful control is paramount to these entities.

We ARE a threat to them.

Department Heads and Organizational Leaders

Now further down the hierarchy you have their “commanders” or official department heads. These folks are probably not “in on the whole deal” but are good “order takers”. How much any of these “order takers” know is up for grabs. I am utterly fascinated by the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper, because “they” could have killed him long before that book got released. And they actually tried a couple times.

The fact is that THEY cannot read our minds. “They” actually need resources “on the ground” to do reconnaissance. “They” depend on “earthly” technologies to “hear and see” what we are doing. This level of “order takers” is a huge threat to “them”. They know just enough to stir up a world of hurt and “they” need a LOT OF THEM to do their bidding.


This explains why “their” strategy is to kill or eliminate the x-military veterans and trained forces in the first round as a threat. When these “things” manifest in the flesh, “they” are vulnerable to our technological weaponry.

“They” are vulnerable to us, just as we were vulnerable to the American Indians arrows even though we had guns. A lot of pissed off people with rocks in their hands can overtake battalions of soldiers by sheer numbers alone.

Law Enforcement, Government Workers, The Good Ones

The next level down you have the people in law enforcement, government workers (FEMA / Homeland Security), regular military and x-military, and other people with limited powers of authority.

During Katrina, “they” actually called in “Blackwater” mercenaries. This is because there were military and regular law enforcement personnel that were extremely reluctant to do “door to door” gun confiscation. Just like with the lying situation at Waco, Texas, nobody in New Orleans shot guns at the helicopters as “they” claimed. It was a setup orchestrated to execute a plan of attack and to “practice” the drill.

The misinformation perpetuated by these lying news reports spreads like a fire throughout this “level” of much needed “law enforcement” workers to make them “think” they are threatened by the general populous. These lies are further amplified by additional military and law enforcement drills happening every month across the country. These lying drills and “exercises” have been going on for more than 15 years. If you have any doubt, watch the Police State series documentaries from Alex Jones on YouTube.  Or better yet, forfeit a 12 pack, and buy one of the DVDs.


The Common Man and the Armed Citizenry

And then further down this “people control” pyramid, you have the “armed citizens” of this country. As proven by their “orchestrated” practice drill called “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast on Sunday October 30th, 1938, the citizens of the United States grabbed their guns and went out to kill these “demon / aliens”.

This was arguably one of the most important “proof of concept” drills these entities have ever executed. They needed to know what the impact might be should “they” be “announced” on a large scale. The actions of the citizens of this country at that time, almost certainly delayed their plans to “manifest” themselves even earlier than today.

The Importance of Martial Law to Their Objective

This is why martial law and the help of foreign troops is utterly key to the upset of this country. The hierarchy of the United States government structure is a major stumbling block for their control timeline. This idea of the individual “states” having veto powers over their “central command” in D.C. is throwing rocks into their “gear box” all the time. This is why the Federal Government continues to usurp the States powers at an alarming rate. This is also why you see the Federal government commandeering the National Guard and getting them out of the way as much as possible (or using them in “other” contrived emergency situations).

All things considered, it seems to me, “they” know they must have some type of martial law in place and they MUST have the vast majority of the country under their militaristic control BEFORE they spring their “alien” DELUSION upon us.  Otherwise, through their own “proof of concept” testing, they know as a fact they are in for a huge hill of crap.  When the “good old boy” citizenry of the USoA sees these “creatures” with their own eyes, they know – ALL BETS ARE OFF.


And indeed, the greatest threat to their cause is THE HOLY SPIRIT.

While it is not up to us to question God’s authority, it is in FACT up to us to use the power of His Holy Spirit to assist in the fighting of this war.  It “blows my mind” to think of how utterly ineffective we all feel amongst all this military might.  We all need to take the time to read about Elijah again.  We need to REMIND OURSELVES that God’s army of fiery chariots can stomp out armies of nations, guns, flying saucers, laser beams and atomic weaponry LIKE NO OTHER.

I believe our Lord is WAITING FOR US to WAKE UP and start focusing our prayer power on the objectives of the LORD.  We need to pray to TRIP UP the enemy’s plans.  We need to COMMAND IN JESUS NAME these DEMONS are rendered to “no effect” and cast INTO THE ABYSS.

While there is no question the Bible says that in the end, God will have to “step in” and dump down his Mighty Wrath to wipe out this Earth, we MUST NOT assume our contribution has anything less than the GREATEST POWER.

WE CONTROL the amount of horror we will face!
WE CONTROL the amount of power the enemy has against us!


They might win here on the earth for a short period of time.
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