Two Muslim Brothers Behead Their Teen Sister and Parade Her Head Around Their Village in India

The “Religion of ‘PEACE’ ? “

sharia unveiled

Bloody Knife 1

by, Mrigank Tiwari | The Times of India TNN | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

BAREILLY, India: Two brothers, enraged by the affair their 17-year-old sister was carrying on with a cousin, beheaded the girl and marched around the village with the severed, bleeding head. The incident occurred at Bamani Chowki village, under the jurisdiction of Paraur police station in Shahjhanapur district on Monday.

Gul Hasan, 25, and his brother Nanhey, 20, spotted their sister Phool Jahan outside the house of their cousin on Monday afternoon. The girl had also spent the night at her cousin’s house. She had earlier expressed a desire to marry him. Her brothers had opposed the idea of marriage and warned her to stay away from their cousin.

Video courtesy of: India Today

Enraged that she had also spent the night there, they dragged her away and cut her head off with a chopper. Marching around the…

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