~Anti-White agenda behind federal HUD projects in America~

There are HUD projects underway in many fine white suburban areas in the United States.

Treasonous  Obama and his anti-white regime have declared many urban areas  “not to be diverse enough” and so the real meaning of HUD  is, “Weaponised Genocide of the working class White Race.”
It will endow extraordinary powers to build blacks and Muslims welfare projects in white areas where they wouldn’t normally be able to afford to live because you’d have to be willing to become a productive citizen of society first.


The government buys up private property in a nice area and builds section 8 apartments that are soon turned into ghettoes for people who are unwilling to work and who feel entitled to everything free our government has to offer them at the  taxpayers expense.

Productive citizens work hard to excape the gettos and provide a better life with safe neighborhoods and clean environments for their children, and grandchildren only to have it invaded by terrorist. Thanks to our socialist leader and his evil regime.


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Dawna Bowles published an article on WordPress.com.
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