And yet another unreasonable protest against innocent white people. It’s an act of terrorism against society and why does it continue!? It continues because there are no consequences for their vile and brutal actions!

Protesters shut down a highway in Ferguson for a time.
Protesters shut down a highway in Ferguson for a time.
A couple of Ferguson protesters who were arrested and charged with attacking drivers during a activist-inspired road block were released from jail on bail, while at least one in the crowd of adoring fans who greeted them back to the streets said the whole movement had been centered around achieving one goal — stopping white people from leaving the chaos.

The protest earlier this week drew dozens of black protesters to the streets of Ferguson, 60 or so of whom were pulled from a highway where they were attempting to stop rush hour motorists, St. Louis Today reported. Why the highway protest?

Mike, one activist who declined to give his last name, said it was geared at keeping motorists from reaching St. Charles, a county he characterized as a spot for “white flight,” the newspaper reported.

“I think we’re getting the message across,” he added, St. Louis Today reported.

The protest movement snarled traffic and led to the injury of at least one motorist.

Brittany Ferrell, 26, was arrested and charged with felony property damage, trespass and disturbing the peace after she allegedly attacked an SUV driver who tried to inch past her and other demonstrators who blocked an Interstate 70 access point.

Another activist, Alexis Templeton, 21, was also charged in that incident for third-degree assault, trespassing on an interstate and disturbing the peace. Court documents indicate she punched the driver through her open window. leaving her with a black eye. Ferrell, meanwhile, allegedly kicked at the vehicle and caused $5,000 in damages.

The pair of protesters were hardly repentant, following their release from jail

Ferrell said her two days in jail had “made me stronger” in resolve to fight what she perceived were unfair police actions, St. Louis Today reported. She called the crowd who welcomed her with cheers outside the jail, minutes after her release, “beautiful,” she said, the news organization reported.

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