Donald Trump: No more anchor babies!

Donald Trump has been criticized repeatedly, including by other Republican presidential candidates, for lacking specific prescriptions and details to back up his many generalized policy declarations.

However, largely ignored is that Trump’s 2011 book, “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again,” contains 10 chapters of proposals for enacting policy changes on a host of key issues, including a five-point plan on immigration reform.

In one striking clarion call, Trump used the book to demand an end to the interpretation of law that allows for so-called anchor babies, where the children of illegal-immigrant mothers who give birth on American soil automatically become U.S. citizens.

“Some four million anchor babies are now officially U.S. citizens,” Trump wrote in the publication. “This has to stop. The only other major country in the world that issues citizenship based on where one’s mother delivers her child is Canada. The rest of the world bases citizenship on who the kid’s parents are, which is of course the only sane standard.”

The billionaire cited statistics documenting that as of 2011 some 4 million anchor babies were officially U.S. citizens and that illegal immigrant children “often require special classes and language specialists, and take time and resources away from our own students.”



Donald Trump: No more anchor babies!

Billionaire’s 5-point plan on immigration reform

via Donald Trump: No more anchor babies!.

via Donald Trump: No more anchor babies!.

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